Thursday, November 15, 2018

Honors Algebra 2; 11/15

The students turned in their matrix quiz reviews to start the period.  They then took the remainder of the period to take the matrix unit quiz.

Assignment:  none

Geometry 10-12; 11/15

We began the process of working on triangle proofs today by taking a look at three of the ways that triangles can be proven to be congruent.  We went over the SSS postulate, the ASA postulate, and the SAS postulate together.  After a few examples, the students began going over their assignment of drawing identification of various triangle pairs.

Assignment:  Congruent triangle pairs worksheet

Geometry; 11/15

We took the chapter 4 quiz on transformations in class today.  The students turned in their quiz reviews at the beginning of the period.

Assignment:  none

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Honors Algebra 2; 11/14

We spent a little time at the beginning of the period reviewing various vocabulary words that pertain to matrices, dimensions, and elements of matrices.  We also went over 2-3 questions on last night's homework during the class period as well.  Our review today focused on verbalizing a couple of problems to each other before getting started on working through the rest of the review.

Answers to the review will be posted on canvas.

Assignment:  Matrices Review Sheet

Geometry 10-12; 11/14

We continued our study of triangles today by taking a look at congruent triangles and their corresponding parts today.  We went through how to determine the congruent parts on a triangle and then used these congruent parts to work through some calculations.  We went over 4-5 examples together before getting started on the assignment.

Assignment:  Section 4.2 worksheet

Geometry; 11/14

We spent some time at the beginning of the period reviewing several of the main topics that we have covered with transformations.  We worked through a few examples together before the students got started on their review assignment for the quiz tomorrow.

Assignment:  Transformations Quiz Review  (Ch. 4 Quiz Review)

Honors Algebra 2; 11/13

We continued our work with matrices today by going over the last method for solving matrices:  the basket weaving method.  This method can be used with Cramer's rule to find the value of each determinant.  We went over a few together and then the students got to work on their assignment in which they practiced using this new method.

Assignment:  Matrix worksheet