Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Honors Algebra 2; 9/19

Our work today focused on how to solve compound inequalities.  The two types are conjunctions and disjunctions.  We went through both and showed how graph and illustrate each one.  We also went through some special exceptions to these rules and how to graph them. 

Assignment:  page 85-86;  #1-32 all;  FAB 4 on #7-10 and #16-19

Geometry 10-12; 9/19

We wrapped up our study of chapter 1 today by reviewing some of the angle pair vocab words and the calculations that go with them.  The students then spent the rest of the period working on their chapter 1 review assignment.

Answers will be posted on Canvas later on this evening.

Assignment:  Chapter 1 test review

Geometry; 9/19

We continued our work with deductive reasoning today by taking a look at the language of reasoning.  We went over the terms hypothesis, conclusion, converse, counterexample, and if-then statement today in class.  All these will be used as we move into the process of writing proofs with statements.

Assignment:  Conditionals worksheet

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Honors Algebra 2; 9/18

Today's class time focused on working to solve the word problems that the students wrote yesterday.  The collection of problems involved choosing 20 of the problems and solving them to see if they matched the author's answer.  Extra credit is available for those who choose to work all 32 problems.

Assignment:  word problems assignment from Canvas

Geometry 10-12; 9/18

Our lesson today focused on how to find the area and perimeter of a variety of plane figures.  We worked with squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles.  Each formula was demonstrated 2-3 times before getting started on the assignment.

Assignment:  section 1.7 worksheet

Geometry; 9/18

The students got back their chapter 1 test today in class and were able to ask questions about what they may have missed on the test.  We then got started with chapter 2 and the study of deductive reasoning in geometry.  We went over the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning, using examples of each to illustrate the concepts.  The students then got started on a collection of logic puzzles as their assignment.

Assignment:  Logic Puzzle Packet

Honors Algebra 2; 9/17

We went over the homework from the weekend, answering questions about word problems and inequalities.  The remainder of the period was spent writing word problems.  The assignment was detailed on canvas and then the students had the opportunity to work with a partner to create 4 unique word problems.  We will work on solving these word problems in class tomorrow.

Assignment:  Create 4 unique word problems;  submit to me in form of google doc by 9:30 p.m.