Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Honors Algebra 2; 3/19

We continued our work with quadratics today by taking a look at another tool to solve for x.  We have used factoring, the quadratic formula, and using radicals so far.  Today's skill was completing the square.  We went through 4-5 examples of how to complete the square on various quadratics.  Our goal today was to complete the square while working with a leading coefficient of 1.  After the examples were complete, the students then got to work on their assignment.

Assignment:  Completing the Square WS #1

Geometry 10-12; 3/19

We continued our work with trigonometry by showing how the angles can be found using the inverse function of the sine.  We went over how to use both the reference table and the calculator to do this, and then the students had time to practice in class on their homework assignment.

Assignment:  Arcsin worksheet

Geometry; 3/19

Today's class period was spent taking the quiz on right triangles and the pythagorean theorem.  We went over a few questions on the review to start class before the students turned them in .  The rest of the time was spent taking the quiz.

Assignment:  none;  extra credit option

Monday, March 18, 2019

Honors Algebra 2; 3/18

Today was the first day of our unit on quadratics.  We reviewed the concept of how to solve quadratics by factoring and also using square roots.  We then introduced the use of the quadratic equation as another tool to solve quadratics.  We went through examples involving both real and imaginary solutions before the students got started on their assignment.

Assignment:  page 345;  #1-29 all;  on 6-26 evens, use the quadratic formula to solve the equation

Geometry 10-12; 3/18

Today's lesson involved introducing and working with the tangent ratio.  We reviewed the other two ratios as we incorporated the skills of the working with the tangent into our math tool box.  The students spent the last part of the period working on their assignment.

Assignment:  Tangent Ratio worksheet.

Geometry; 3/18

Today's lesson involved reviewing for the quiz on the pythagorean theorem and special right triangles.  We worked through several problems in partners to start off the review.  The students then spent the last part of the period working on the review assignment on their own.  The answers to the review will be posted on Canvas later this afternoon

Assignment:  Chapter 8 Quiz review

Honors Algebra 2; 3/15

The students took the quiz on graphing rational expressions in class today. 

Assignment:  none